Video is now undoubtedly the most efficient vehicle to get your message across to your potential customers on-line. In the world we live in today, people don’t like to read as much, and by using the power of sound and image combined, you can leverage your brand in the market place in a very cost-effective way.

Brochure / explainer videos look great on the front page of your website and with good production, can quickly separate you from the crowd. A well filmed testimonial video creates much more impact than text, as your potential customers actually see the positive review coming from the smiling face of your happy client.

Henry specialises in high quality motion control time lapse, and this is just one example of different creative techniques he can use to engage your audience and add the “wow” factor to your video.

Due to massive changes in video technology over the last decade, a great looking video is probably more affordable than you realise. Feel free to click on any of the videos below to sample some of the henrygloverfilms portfolio.

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